Jim Todd Co-Founder

Jim Todd started Todd Photographic Services in 1990, a tiny start-up born in a spare bedroom and an overfilled garage. His premise was simple: keep prices reasonable, keep service responsive, focus on the customer, and do work you love. It’s been a winning equation for more than ten years, and Todd’s reputation is keeping the dream alive.

Since 1990, Todd Photographic Services has expanded in staff size and in services, becoming a “one-stop shop” for all things visual, but the philosophy remains the same. Todd’s partnership with construction companies, realtors, brokers and other development companies continues to be a cooperative one; Todd’s photography helps to sell land, developments, and other projects. “You have to see the piece of land before you buy it,” says Todd. “I have a unique talent with photography, and I want to help people sell real estate.”

In February 2014, Jim partnered with DJ Vegh, another Phoenix, AZ based aerial photographer and innovative entrepreneur.  Together they founded Aerial Sphere, Inc.

Jim’s sage advice for entrepreneurs? “Your most important goal has to be making your client happy — no matter what.”