Michael Katic Engineer

Michael Katic is a skilled software engineer versed in a wide range of areas. From graphics to mapping and onward to web development Michael has pushed our technology to the edge. He has built a full suite of tools that incorporate the most powerful frameworks the industry has to offer.

After graduating from ASU, Michael was hired by Microchip Inc. in Chandler, Arizona as a 32-bit graphics engineer. Following that he worked in a fast-paced environment at a local third party casino gaming company where he rapidly created prototypes on a quarterly basis. Later he would go on to work on several grants for ASU as an Academic Professional. There he helped write grant proposals and assisted in the research and development of graphics and mapping algorithms.

After being contracted out by Aerial Sphere and falling in love with the company Michael became a full team member. We believe Michael will continue to push out tech to the limits and can’t wait to see where we go next!