Frequently Asked Questions

What does AerialSphere do?
AerialSphere provides users with immersive aerial experiences that are more exciting, engaging and effective than traditional mapping solutions. We are building a national dataset of georectified spheres to serve our clients across the United States.


How can I leverage Experience360 for my business or organization?
We have a perfect solution for you – Experience360 is a lightweight web application that allows customization of all of our spheres to meet your needs. For our software developers, we also have a powerful API ready for you to leverage in your platform/application whether it is public or private facing. Want to get started? click here!


How much does AerialSphere cost?
Our intuitive experience360 web application starts at $99 a month. We also have accommodating API plans that start as little as $1,000/yearly platform fees (with additional monthly usage costs).


How do I get started?
It is really easy – click here!


How can I depend on support from AerialSphere once I purchase my plan?
Our wide variety of customer support offerings includes forum support, chat support and phone support depending upon your plan selection. AerialSphere is always available to help our customers!


What if my industry isn’t listed on your website?
Contact us today and one of our sales associates will go over your use case to answer any questions and show you how you can leverage our powerful platform to meet your needs.


Do you have a sphere in my area?
Visit our coverage map (coming soon) to see if your area has been captured, or when it is scheduled to be captured. You can also reach out to us through our virtual help to get more information about our spheres.


Do you have examples how Experience360 can help my business?
Check out our industry solution pages to see some use cases as well as some of our case studies on how we have helped companies with our immersive experiences.


Can I try out AerialSphere before I purchase anything?
Yes. Get more information about our try before you buy program here.
Can we integrate Experience360 into 3rd party apps?