How it Works

How it works

AerialSphere’s patented capture and processing methodologies are what enable us to provide the only immersive, 360-degree georectified aerial panoramas.

Imagery Aquisition

AerialSphere’s fleet of manned aircraft accurately and efficiently mass captures high-resolution imagery across the US. We capture at fixed vantage points every half mile with our patented capture system.

Image data integration

Our patented platform aggregates thousands of images and embeds latitude and longitude coordinates with amazing accuracy, enabling Geographic Information System (GIS) data to be overlaid.

Immersive Experience Viewer

Leverage your location-based data with our 360-degree spheres for a completely immersive experience and view critical locations, structures and topography. AerialSphere now makes it possible for you to captivate your audiences through imagery and data like never before.

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Experience360 gives you the tools and flexibility to create your own immersive experiences through a powerful web application.

Experience360 API

Integrate immersive 360-degree aerial experiences directly into your platform through our powerful and flexible API.