Residential Real Estate

Welcome agents and brokers! Please take a look at our sample spheres below. At this time we are in discussion with several outlets to make this technology available to you. In your hands this technology will enhance your relationship with your buyers and sellers give them the opportunity to truly see the world that surrounds the house of their dreams, or helps to enhance the features of the home they intend to sell. We know your time is valuable and AerialSphere will help streamline your interactions.

San Diego: California
Gold Canyon: Arizona

Commercial Real Estate

We understand the need for visualizing complex geospatial information in the Built Environment. Commercial real estate brokerages specializing in land, retail, office & industrial and multifamily utilize Aerial Sphere’s innovative immersive mapping technology to view detailed property information, area overview, comps, etc. all from an intuitive virtual reality style mapping interface. With our immersive mapping technology bundled with comprehensive real estate data, you can quickly see the big picture and drill down to the details in your market.

Phoenix: Downtown
Atlanta: Midtown


Explore the Phoenix Metro Airports, observe these as if you were a pilot landing here for the first time! Then, experience Mesa’s Business Districts from a 360-degree, interactive, birds-eye view, and explore what makes each district an ideal place to locate and grow a business. Lastly, visit the city of Buckeye from multiple perspectives and see the growth and expansion of this west side city.

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Mesa Tour