Interactive Map Technology

AerialSphere is a software technology and immersive aerial mapping company with extensive combined experience in aviation, aerial photography, and immersive imaging. Backed by Jokake Companies with its 30-year history as a private equity firm and expertise in incubating startups, AerialSphere is poised to transform how the world views maps.

Our mission is to take the blinders off traditional mapping technology and allow our clients to see the world in 360° clarity.

360 Aerial Mapping

We are the first to have engineered equipment and developed a process to rapidly capture an array of 360-degree immersive aerial spherical images on a mass scale over large urban areas.

With an array set at user-defined increments (currently 1 mile), using either fixed-wing or rotorcraft aircraft, our system can acquire on average 120 square miles of coverage per hour. At this rate, we can capture spherical imagery over an average size US urban area in only a few hours of flight time.

Using a multitude of sensors, we can record each aerial sphere’s latitude, longitude, altitude as well as attitude information (pitch, bank, and heading) at the moment of capture. This data is useful during our post processing, in which we determine the latitude/longitude of each pixel within the spherical image.

Generally, we capture the spheres at altitudes between 500′ – 2,000′ above the ground while traveling through the air at 110-140 mph.

Our Patented Four Step Process

Rapid Capture of Immersive Aerial Maps
Latitude/Longitude Integration
Maps Viewer
User Interaction Tracking

360° aerial imagery is mass captured from fixed vantage points at user defined increments using our capture system.

Aerial Sphere imagery is processed to match each pixel with a specific latitude and longitude coordinate allowing any Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data to be overlaid.

Connect location based API data to our maps viewer for a virtual reality map experience. Shop for homes or apartments, check out parks, schools and more.

Track and record user interaction within 360° aerial spheres. Hundreds of data points are tracked such as latitude, longitude, zoom level, click events, searches, etc. are tracked.