AerialSphere believes that any kind of imagery can be made insightful and actionable with GIS.


With XPGeo technology, it’s easy to incorporate photographic content into your maps and add geographic context to your images.

This tool set allows you to easily convert oblique images (images pointed sideways or at an angle) from air, ground, and handheld cameras into content that can be combined with geospatial data (shapefiles, layers, and more) to create interactive GIS experiences. There is even support for panoramic images and video files.

XPGeo Studio

An easy-to-use web application that automates the creation of imagery content.

XPGeo Multi-Viewer

View and manage multiple imagery sources in a 2D map or 3D scene.

XPGeo 3D Viewer

Superimpose your GIS data directly into 360° imagery.

Professional Services

AerialSphere has the expertise and staff to develop novel solutions that improve how your organization utilizes imagery in GIS.

Thorough Documentation

Well-thought-out documentation and support makes it easy to get started.

Esri Bronze Partner

The Experts in Oriented Imagery in ArcGIS

AerialSphere has created tools and processes to help get GIS users up and running with Oriented Imagery. For more information, complete the form below, or join our ArcGIS Online Group.

With Esri’s Oriented Imagery technology we can integrate directly with Experience Builder, WebApp Builder and ArcGIS Pro, the most powerful mapping and spatial analytics technology available. AerialSphere is excited to be aligned with a company that shares a common vision in helping people get the most of their maps through data, imagery, stories and location intelligence.

Esri Bronze Partner


Our JavaScript API, XP360, offers an easy to integrate method of adding birds-eye-views of the world below. Its lightning fast load times and regional coverage make it ideal for any organization tasked with creating and maintaining public facing web maps. 

To see this integration in action, click the link below.

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