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Our program creates additional revenue opportunities for PAPA Members who are interested in capturing On Demand 360 aerial imagery in helicopters.

AerialSphere has developed our XP360 On Demand capture and delivery partner program to enable PAPA Members to pick up additional projects, while creating a standardized method of capture, ensuring AerialSphere’s high quality imagery levels. The best part about this program for PAPA Members, is it requires no special training or equipment; AerialSphere provides the capture mechanism along with some simple instructions, and you are all set. AerialSphere pays a daily capture rate and also covers the expense of the helicopter rental.

Opportunities include one time flights that pay up to $750, recurring flights that may happen quarterly as well as options to resell AerialSphere’s On Demand service to your clients to earn extra referral bonuses. Sign up to get more information about this project, as well as other opportunities to make even more money through our referral program for XP360 On Demand.

  • 1-Day of Work
  • Starting at $500 a flight
  • Helicopter Pre-Paid
  • Scheduled by AerialSphere (just be available)
  • Specialty Camera Provided
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