XP360 for Autodesk

XP360 for Autodesk

Improve construction site productivity, efficiencies and safety with the XP360 and BIM 360 Integration

XP360’s Autodesk integration enables companies to gain new perspectives of their pre, active, and post job sites with 360-degree aerial panoramas of the built environment, helping improve project productivity, efficiency and safety.

New Perspectives for BIM 360 Users

XP360 from AerialSphere provides a whole new perspective on location, structure and topography by combining 360-degree aerial panoramas and data overlays with pinpoint accuracy, resulting in a more informative and engaging aerial experience. With the XP360-BIM 360 integration, builders using both solutions can reference the aerial panorama view alongside their project management information to better understand job site risks, performance, efficiencies and workflows without having to switch between applications.

Seamless Integration

Using a Partner Card directly in the BIM 360 Project Home dashboard, builders can more easily and comprehensively experience job sites virtually. Being able to pan, tilt, and zoom in XP360 gives customers the ability to gain new perspectives not available from vertical or oblique aerial imagery. Giving users all the benefits of XP360 from within BIM 360 empowers builders with a more informative building experience and helps them make decisions more quickly to drive construction productivity, efficiency and safety.

What do I get with this integration?

Nationwide Coverage

Access to our available nationwide dataset of 8,000+ 360-degree aerial experiences

Image Capture

Right click anywhere within the spheres to instantly capture still images to save or share

Digital Integration

Leverage our Javascript API to integrate spheres directly into your platform

How do I leverage XP360 in my BIM 360?

In 4 easy steps, you can gain access to our national panoramic aerial imagery in Autodesk BIM 360, with the AerialSphere XP360 Partner Card. The below tutorial provides a visual step-by-step.

  1. In Autodesk BIM 360, select Card Library while in the Project Home view.
  2. Type aerial in the search bar, and select the XP360 by AerialSphere Partner Card.
  3. Select Configure on the Partner Card and add: https://aerialspheres.com/map in the Partner URL data field.
  4. Navigate by selecting any green sphere on either the map or the horizon. Right-click anywhere in any panorama for additional geo-enabled functionality and content!

Terms of Use

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