AerialSphere delivers its 360° immersive technology as base map layer through API integrations with partners. These partners include technology partners and channel sales partners.

Technology Partners

AerialSphere offers partnerships with technology companies to make it easy for their customers to transform the way the world views maps.

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Channel Sales Partners

AerialSphere offers partnerships with Content Management Systems (CMS) who specialize in Real Estate, Property Management, Travel and others to transform the way the world views maps

These companies use our API to deliver 360° aerial view immersive maps that increase user engagement, social media shares, and improve their products.  Analytics show user engagement increase by 50% when AerialSphere is added to websites.

“It’s not often a product comes along and totally changes the way you consume data and look at your environment. Once you see and use AerialSphere there is no going back. We love AerialSphere because it is unique and helps us stand out in a competitive market, but most importantly it helps our customers make more money. That’s what it’s all about.”

– Dave Mason, Co-founder, iFoundAgent

iFoundAgent is the first channel sales partner to use our API and integrate 360° immersive maps on the websites for real estate.  Here’s an example of property for sale, pending and sold layered over AerialSphere maps: 

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