What’s New: Las Vegas

With so many travel restrictions levied over the last year and a half, many people haven’t made their way to Las Vegas in a while, with most of the local attractions and activities there being put on hiatus. Fortunately, AerialSphere recently spent some time there, and with our latest 360-degree coverage of sin-city, we wanted to share with you some of the newest attractions, or soon to be attractions!

Allegiant Stadium

Silver & Black

The NFL is officially in Las Vegas, and the Raiders have new digs right in the heart of all the action. The almost $2B Allegiant stadium seats 65,000 and will serve as the home to the Raiders and the UNLV football team, amongst other bowl and championship games. What better way to educate your fans on the gameday experience than with an aerial experience of the stadium, parking and surrounding areas!

Resorts World Las Vegas

The First New Casino in a Decade

It’s been 11 years since a brand-new resort opened on the Las Vegas strip.That changed on June 24 with the opening of Resorts World, a 3,500-room hotel complex, with three Hilton hotels all under one roof. Totaling a whopping $4.3 billion, the property is the most expensive resort ever developed in Las Vegas. XP360 is the perfect tool to market you resort to potential visitors – let them get a lay of the land before 

MSG Sphere

A Sphere of a Sphere

Coming to Las Vegas in 2023, and situated behind the Palazzo at the Venetian Resort, the MSG Sphere at the Venetian will be 366 feet high and 516 feet wide at its broadest point with a capacity of 17,500 seats. This new-age arena will be the largest and highest-resolution LED screen in the world, and will primarily host awards shows, concerts in addition to other entertainment events. Imagine utilizing 360-degree aerial imagery to plan complex construction projects!