Immersive 360° Aerial Mapping For The Built World

The world is not flat...

…but we saw it that way with maps. Come experience the world through our eyes—the eyes of our 360° aerial imaging. We capture images to open the world in true bird’s eye fashion.

From years of experience combining 3D graphics and aerial photography, AerialSphere developed a methodology to mass capture immersive 360° aerial photos and post process them to match each pixel to its longitude and latitude coordinate.

That’s important because until we developed our process, 360° aerial photography had dramatically limited utility. Once the latitude and longitude of the pixels in the image are determined the imagery becomes actionable. It’s possible to integrate Geographic Information Services (GIS) data into the imagery and locate points of interest, roads, street addresses, schools, churches, parcel data, or any other GIS data within the sphere. Mapmakers, real estate companies, travel and tourism specialists can use our process to enhance their applications.

First to Market

Technology to capture and render maps in virtual reality